Barry S. McIntyre

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Linuron is an herbicide with weak androgen receptor (AR) antagonist activity. Exposure to linuron from gestation days (GD) 12 to 21 perturbs androgen-dependent male reproductive development. In utero(More)
Testicular toxicity is an important safety endpoint in drug development and risk assessment, but reliable and translatable biomarkers for predicting injury have eluded researchers. However, this area(More)
Sex differentiation of the male reproductive tract in mammals is driven, in part, by fetal androgen production. In utero, some phthalate esters (PEs) alter fetal Leydig cell differentiation, reducing(More)
BACKGROUND SCH 486757 is a nociceptin-1 receptor agonist that was in development as an antitussive. Studies were conducted to characterize its effects on female fertility and to examine its potential(More)