Barry S. Brown

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We examined changes over 28 days in mood states, craving for cocaine, and sleep during short-term abstinence reported by 12 male, predominantly intravenous-using, cocaine-addicted subjects residing in a research facility. For comparison, we examined 10 nonaddicted control subjects. There were no significant differences between cocaine addicts and controls(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about outcomes of community-based treatment programs for adolescents with drug problems. METHODS We studied 1167 adolescents (age range, 11-18 years; 368 females, 799 males) from 4 US cities (Pittsburgh, Pa; Minneapolis, Minn; Chicago, Ill; and Portland, Ore) using a naturalistic, nonexperimental evaluation design. These(More)
Four cases of Aspergillus osteomyelitis are presented and the world literature is reviewed, for a total of 19 cases. Aspergillus osteomyelitis is largely a disease of immunosuppressed hosts, although wound and other infections in "normal" hosts are seen. In children, contiguous spread from an adjacent pulmonary infection is most common, whereas in adults(More)
The purpose of this project was to identify the relationships between various fitness parameters such as upper body muscular endurance, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, body composition and performance on an ability test (AT) that included simulated firefighting tasks. A second intent was to create a regression model that would predict(More)
BACKGROUND The development of preclinical models with high predictive value for the identification of drugs with a proclivity to induce Torsade de Pointes (TdP) in the clinic has long been a pressing goal of academia, industry and regulatory agencies alike. The present study provides a blinded appraisal of drugs, in an isolated arterially-perfused rabbit(More)
We conducted a single-blind, random assignment, placebo-controlled, 12-week comparison of desipramine hydrochloride and amantadine hydrochloride as adjunctive treatments to counseling for cocaine dependence. Subjects were 54 outpatients who met DSM III-R criteria for active cocaine dependence and who completed a minimum of 2 weeks of treatment. Subjects(More)
We conducted a pilot study (N = 22) comparing the efficacy of desipramine and amantadine for treatment of cocaine dependence in methadone maintenance clients. The study which lasted 12 weeks, was double-blind, randomly assigned, and placebo-controlled. Subjects met DSM-III-R criteria for active cocaine dependence. All three groups' cocaine use, craving, and(More)
BACKGROUND Longer tenure in methadone treatment has been associated with positive outcomes such as reductions in drug use and crime, HIV seroconversion, and overdose death. METHODS Retention in treatment was examined for 351 opioid-dependent individuals who had been newly admitted to one of six methadone programs in Baltimore, Maryland. Cox proportional(More)
Membrane currents and resting potential of isolated primary mouse articular chondrocytes maintained in monolayer cell culture for 1-9 days were recorded using patch clamp methods. Quantitative RT-PCR showed that the most abundantly expressed transcript of voltage-gated K(+) channels was for K(V)1.6, and immunological methods confirmed the expression of(More)
The past 30 years have seen a focus on substance abuse research in association with the creation of federal agencies specifically mandated to guide that effort. While research has been well supported and largely productive, there has been increasing concern with the slow pace of adoption of the findings from that research. The history of those efforts(More)