Barry Robertson

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The past ten years have provided an embarrassment of riches for those interested in cloned voltage-gated K+ (Kv) channels. Details of their physiology and pharmacology in expression systems, and their precise cellular location abound, making them excellent targets for pharmacologists. However, there is still a considerable and important gap in our knowledge(More)
We have combined the benefits of a TaqMan assay with surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), to generate a novel DNA detection method which provides increased sensitivity, with clear applications for disease identification through clinical testing. Target DNA detection limits by SERS were shown to be lower than conventional fluorescence detection and(More)
EmWis the Europn Atomic Energy Connnum'w's targeted research and b'aiaing p r o g r a m fir remote handling in hazardous or disordered nuclear enn?onmn&. EUW has been running &om Ju& 1989 with an initial budget of 19 million ECU to h d multi-partner internstiom1 research projects ami associated activities exiknding to 1993 and beyond. n e p r o g r a m is(More)
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