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The congressional-bureaucratic system: a principal agent perspective (with applications to the SEC)
ConclusionThis paper provides the theoretical perspective and empirical support for congressional dominance of agency decisions. My thesis is twofold. First, because much of the previous evidence onExpand
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In the shadow of violence : politics, economics, and the problems of development
1. Limited access orders: an introduction to the conceptual framework Douglass C. North, John Joseph Wallis, Steven B. Webb and Barry R. Weingast 2. Bangladesh: economic growth in a vulnerable LAOExpand
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Violence and Social Orders: The Conceptual Framework
Introduction The task of the social sciences is to explain the performance characteristics of societies through time, including the radical gap in human well-being between rich countries and poor asExpand
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Limited Access Orders: An Introduction to the Conceptual Framework
The paper lays out a new framework for understanding problems of development. It emphasizes that all societies must solve the problem of violence and distinguishes between two ways in which societiesExpand
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The Politics of Interpretation: Rationality, Culture, and Transition
Rational choice theory constitutes a vigorous and contentious voice within political science. Recent political trends suggest its limitations, however, as well as the utility of alternativeExpand
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Self-Enforcing Federalism
How are constitutional rules sustained? We investigate this problem in the context of how the institutions of federalism are sustained. As Riker (1964) emphasizes, a central design problem ofExpand
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Reflections on Distributive Politics and Universalism
minimal winning size.' Another is that distributive programs organized by strong parties are likely to exhibit greater efficiency (Weingast, Shepsle, and Johnsen 1981; see also Cox and McCubbinsExpand
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The New Federalism: Can the States Be Trusted?
In recent years, the growth of the federal government and its failure to resolve many major problems have ignited a serious new debate. Some scholars and policymakers suggest that reinvigoratingExpand
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