Barry Oswald

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The uptake and internalization of a triglyceride emulsion by rat hepatocytes in culture less than 24 hr was either inhibited or uninfluenced by apoE. ApoE significantly increased the uptake of these emulsions in later cultures. Specific low density lipoprotein (LDL) binding was similar for hepatocyte monolayers prior to and after 24 hr. Rat hepatocytes in(More)
We exploit individual-level administrative data for whole populations of UK university students for the leaving cohorts of 1985-1993 to investigate the determinants of graduate occupational earnings. Among other results, we find that there are significant differences in the occupational earnings of leavers, according to university attended, subject studied,(More)
The drug effects of dihydroergotoxine (Hydergin) and piracetam were examined in a sample of 44 old-age home residents, 76 years average age, using performance tests, nurse-ratings for the need of care and self-evaluation measures of the "Nürnberger Alters-Inventar" (NAI). Within a subsample of 18 patients, selected according to certain EEG-criteria, EEG day(More)
The postulate that low intracellular pH acts as a preconditioner for the destructuve effects of hyperthermia (42 degrees C) was examined, using a heat-sensitive line of malignant cells derived from rat mammary gland (SDB). Intracellular pH (pHi) was measured indirectly, from the distribution of the weak, non-metabolizable organic acid(More)
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