Barry O’Sullivan

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It has been shown in areas such as satisfiability testing and integer linear programming that a carefully chosen combination of solvers can outperform the best individual solver for a given set of problems. This selection process is usually performed using a machine learning technique based on feature data extracted from constraint satisfaction problems. In(More)
This article illustrates how constraint logic programming can be used to express data models in rulebased languages, including those based on graph pattern-matching or unification to drive rule application. This is motivated by the interest in using constraint-based technology in conjunction with rule-based technology to provide a formally correct and(More)
Schizophrenia is a chronic, disabling neuropsychiatric disorder characterised by positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. The aetiology is not known, although genetic, imaging and pathological studies have implicated both neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative processes. The substantia nigra is a basal ganglia nucleus responsible for the production of(More)
During an interactive configuration session we may reach a point where our desires can not be met. At this point we can consider “tradeoffs”. Ideally, we would like the configurator to suggest appropriate tradeoffs to us. In this paper we have modeled tradeoffs in constraint-based configuration as additional constraints, and begun to study the issues(More)
Increasingly, it is being realised that success in manufacturing requires integration between the various phases of the product life cycle. One of the key aspects of this integration is that, during the design of an artifact, due consideration should be given to facilitating the down-stream phases of the life-cycle. This is frequently known as “Design for(More)
Significant R&D work has been on going in the development of integrated software environments that support building energy simulation. Software interfaces have been developed in both academic and industrial settings that support an integrated approach to the development of building energy simulation models. However, software interfaces developed to date(More)