Barry N Swerdlow

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A case of myocardial infarction as a result of coronary vasospasm during percutaneous trigeminal rhizotomy is presented. Potential consequences of the profound sympathetic response during this procedure are discussed. Invasive haemodynamic monitoring as well as prophylaxis with nitrates and calcium antagonists may be useful in patients prone to coronary(More)
The anesthetic requirements of chronic alcoholics for induction of anesthesia with thiopental were investigated using an electroencephalographic (EEG) measure of thiopental's CNS drug effect and pharmacodynamic modeling to relate thiopental serum concentrations to drug effect. Eleven patients with a history of excessive alcohol intake were studied from an(More)
The number and variety of intravenous anaesthetics available has increased dramatically in recent years. In order to administer these agents safely and rationally in the operating theatre, the anaesthesiologist needs to have a detailed understanding of their dose-response behaviour. The pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles of these anaesthetics(More)
Fulminant Aspergillus sinusitis is a disease of immunocompromised hosts strongly associated with neutropenia. A case of sinusitis due to Aspergillus flavus that developed in a patient with acute leukemia during the third week of treatment with amphotericin B is described. Indium 111-labeled white blood cell scanning demonstrated uptake of granulocytes into(More)
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