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A cross‐cultural comparison of anatomy learning: Learning styles and strategies
Cultural influences on anatomy teaching and learning have been investigated by application of a questionnaire to medical students in British and Chinese Medical Schools. Results from the responsesExpand
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Association of the absence of palmaris longus tendon with an anomalous superficial palmar arch in the human hand
The normal arterial supply to the human hand is via the ulnar and radial arteries which unite mid‐palm to form a complete arch called the superficial palmar arch (SPA). From the SPA blood vesselsExpand
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CD44 exon variant 6 epitope and hyaluronate synthase are expressed on HT29 human colorectal carcinoma cells in a SCID mouse model of metastasis formation
The factors which lead to the formation of metastases are generally poorly understood; however the expression of a particular variant of the cell adhesion molecule CD44 may be important inExpand
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Synovial folds - a pain in the neck?
The synovial folds of the cervical spine are regarded as a potential source of neck pain and headache, especially following whiplash injury. Damage to the synovial folds following motor vehicleExpand
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Teaching anatomy as a multimedia experience
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Morphometry of the synovial folds of the lateral atlanto-axial joints: the anatomical basis for understanding their potential role in neck pain
PurposeIntra-articular synovial folds of the cervical spine are considered to be a potential source of neck pain and disability. The purpose of the present study was to devise and validate a methodExpand
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Embryology: An Illustrated Colour Text
How does an embryo form? How do the placenta and fetal membrane form? The body cavities and the diaphragm. The muscular and skeletal system. The respiratory systenm. The cardiovascular system. TheExpand
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Hi, how can I help you?: Automating enterprise IT support help desks
Question answering is one of the primary challenges of natural language understanding. In realizing such a system, providing complex long answers to questions is a challenging task as opposed toExpand
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Natural language querying in SAP-ERP platform
With the omnipresence of mobile devices coupled with recent advances in automatic speech recognition capabilities, there has been a growing demand for natural language query (NLQ) interface toExpand
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