Barry McLarnon

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This paper discusses a business-oriented phenomenon called the Bullwhip Effect that affects the efficiency of traditional supply chains, identifying how it applies to the world of Cloud Computing. Comparisons are made between a traditional supply chain and the Cloud supply chain in order to observe how these relate with each other. In doing so, the(More)
Introducing automation into a managed environment includes significant initial overhead and abstraction, creating a disconnect between the administrator and the system. In order to facilitate the transition to automated management, this paper proposes an approach whereby automation increases gradually, gathering data from the task deployment process. This(More)
Advances in many areas are dramatically altering the Information Technology (IT) landscape. In this survey, we outline the trends that are likely to be important over the next five years, focusing on four key areas: networks, wireless, user end devices, and knowledge management. A few trends that are too broad to be classified in one of these areas are also(More)
Fault tolerance is an important challenge for supporting critical big data analytic operations. Most existing solutions only provide fault tolerant data replication, requiring failed queries to be restarted. This approach is insufficient for long-running time-sensitive analytic queries, due to lost query progress. Several solutions provide intra-query fault(More)
Automated systems management solutions aim to reduce the pressure on the administrators of complex, large-scale, distributed systems by enabling the automation of many of the common tasks of management. However, this creates a level of abstraction, which can act as a barrier between the administrator and the elements being controlled. This can impede the(More)
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