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Cohesion between sister chromatids is essential for their bi-orientation on mitotic spindles. It is mediated by a multisubunit complex called cohesin. In yeast, proteolytic cleavage of cohesin's alpha kleisin subunit at the onset of anaphase removes cohesin from both centromeres and chromosome arms and thus triggers sister chromatid separation. In animal(More)
In this study we characterised the ability of the viral mimetic poly I:C to induce a neuroinflammatory response and induce symptoms of depression and anxiety in rats. Furthermore, the ability of poly I:C to deplete central tryptophan and serotonin via induction of indolamine 2,3 dioxygenase (IDO), and also the ability of poly I:C to impact upon expression(More)
BACKGROUND Missegregation of chromosomes during meiosis in human females causes aneuploidy, including trisomy 21, and is thought also to be the major cause of age-related infertility. Most errors are thought to occur at the first meiotic division. The high frequency of errors raises questions as to whether the surveillance mechanism known as the spindle(More)
This paper describes a technique for assessing the situational awareness of individuals such as warfighters participating in C2 experiments and exercises. Known as QUASA (quantitative analysis of situational awareness), the technique combines both objective queries (true/false probes) and subjective self-ratings of confidence for each probe response. The(More)
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