Barry Mauer

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Four 15-item and two 30-item short forms for the Boston Naming Test were validated using 108 non-neurological community-dwelling adults, ages 57-85. All forms were administered to all participants (counterbalanced), with no effect of administration sequence on any score. An age effect emerged (Multiple R = .28, p< or =.01). No effects for education or(More)
Foamy viruses (FVs) make use of a replication strategy which is unique among retroviruses and shows analogies to hepadnaviruses. The presence of an integrase (IN) and obligate provirus integration distinguish retroviruses from hepadnaviruses. To clarify whether a functional IN is required for FV replication, a mutant in the highly conserved DD35E motif of(More)
We describe two distinct distributed systems, MeasureMe and GeoPresence. As with all distributed software systems, these require support for communication, coordination, task distribution and persistent shared data. In this paper, we show how the tuple spaces paradigm provides the required communication and coordination, and how its use facilitates our(More)
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