Barry M Kaplan

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No-flow has been reported after 10-15% of percutaneous interventions on degenerated saphenous vein grafts. In this prospective study of 36 degenerated saphenous vein graft lesions (32 patients), no-flow (TIMI flow < 3 in the absence of a significant lesion or dissection) occurred in 15/36 (42%) lesions. A total of 32 episodes of no-flow occurred after(More)
The ultrasonically determined growth of the fetal liver during normal pregnancy is presented. The normal range of fetal liver sizes for each week of pregnancy from 20 weeks' gestation to term was determined. A linear relationship between fetal liver and abdominal circumference measurements also is described. Value and potential applications of this new(More)
Primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma occurs frequently in patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Seventeen patients with AIDS and biopsy-proven CNS lymphoma were treated with whole-brain radiation. At presentation, most patients were severely debilitated from previous AIDS-related illnesses. Patients generally had focal(More)
Late coronary artery pseudoaneurysm formation is a rare complication of perforation following percutaneous intervention. While surgical intervention is the treatment of choice for large expanding pseudoaneurysms, the optimal treatment strategy for small-to-moderate pseudoaneurysms is unclear. We describe the percutaneous placement of a saphenous vein(More)
Thirty patients with advanced refractory breast cancer received bisantrene 260 mg/m2 intravenously every 3 weeks. Reversible myelosuppression was the most commonly observed side effect. Four patients (13.3%) achieved objective partial response (90% confidence intervals 3-24%), while two patients (6.6%) had disease improvement with a PR + IMP rate of 19.9%.(More)
BACKGROUND Paclitaxel, a microtubule-stabilizing compound with potent antitumor activity, has been shown to inhibit smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration. The DELIVER trial was a prospective, randomized, blinded, multicenter clinical evaluation of the non-polymer-based paclitaxel-coated ACHIEVE stent compared with the stainless steel Multi-Link(More)
Although the importance of zinc nutrition during pregnancy has been well recognized, there have been few studies of zinc transport in maternal or fetal sera. We examined total serum zinc levels as well as zinc associated with its major transport proteins, albumin and alpha 2-macroglobulin, prospectively in 46 women during gestation and in 27 of their(More)