Barry Lasker

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The Guide Star Catalog II (GSC-II) is an all-sky database of objects derived from the uncompressed Digitized Sky Surveys that the Space Telescope Science Institute has created from the Palomar and UK Schmidt survey plates and made available to the community. Like its predecessor (GSC-I), the GSC-II was primarily created to provide guide star information and(More)
  • ON Si, Fe Ni, +41 authors Benedict G F
  • 2007
We present a model atmosphere analysis of most known hot helium–rich white dwarfs of spectral type DO. The stars represent the non–DA white dwarf cooling sequence from the hot end (Teff 120 000 K) down to the DB gap (Teff 45 000 K). From medium resolution optical spectra, effective temperatures, surface gravities, and element abundances are determined by(More)
We report the discovery of small, isolated dust clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which are excellent candidates for counterparts to the Bok globules observed in the Galaxy. We detect these small clouds silhouetted against diffuse Hα emission, based on parallel imaging with the WFPC-2 on HST. The clouds we identify as Bok globule candidates have typical(More)
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