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This paper investigates approaches for low dimensional speech feature transformation using manifold learning. It has recently been shown that speech sounds may exist on a low dimensional manifold nonlinearly embedded in high dimensional space. A number of techniques have been developed in recent years that attempt to discover the geometric structure of the(More)
The quality of concatenated speech depends on the degree of mismatch between successive units. Defining a perceptually salient join cost to represent the degree of mismatch has proven to be a difficult task. Such a join cost is critical in unit selection synthesis to ensure that the optimum sequence of speech units is selected from the units available in(More)
The quality of concatenative speech synthesis depends on the cost function employed for unit selection. Effective cost functions for spectral continuity have proven difficult to define and standard measures do not accurately reflect human perception of spectral discontinuity in concatenated speech. Previous studies on spectral join costs have focused(More)
Diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson's disease has a number of challenges as there is no definitive biomarker despite the broad range of symptoms. Research is ongoing to produce objective measures that can either diagnose Parkinson's or act as an objective decision support tool. Recent research on speech based measures have demonstrated promising results.(More)
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