Barry Kirkendall

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Identifying fissile materials inside cargo shipping containers is a current national security need. We propose using the geophysical technique of gravity gradiometry to image cargo shipping containers for the purpose of detecting highdensity materials. We focus on developing the necessary numerical algorithms and carrying out feasibility studies without(More)
This paper discusses what knowledge specialty contractors may contribute to the early design of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) products. In current practice, specialty contractors are seldom involved in the early design effort, but evidence suggests that their early involvement is increasing. Lean construction theory advocates this(More)
In order to study new methods of linear and nonlinear error analysis, or model appraisal, this research uses the framework of imaging fissile materials within cargo shipping containers. I initially propose a gravity gradiometry imaging system to measure the density distribution within cargo containers and carry out nonlinear geophysical inversion to recover(More)
Extended logging and surface-to-borehole electromagnetic induction measurements were performed at the Dixie Valley Geothermal Field as part of an ongoing effort to employ electromagnetic induction logging to geothermal reservoir characterization. The principal goal of this effort is to discern subsurface features useful in geothermal production, such as(More)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is currently involved in a long term study using time-lapse multiple frequency electromagnetic (EM) characterization at a waterflood enhanced oil recovery (EOR) site in California operated by Chevron Heavy Oil Division in Lost Hills, California (Figure 1). The petroleum industry’s interest and the successful(More)
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