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OBJECTIVES To demonstrate that silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) could be synthesized in situ in acrylic dental resins. METHODS Light-cure (LC; bisphenol A glycidyl methacrylate, tetraethyleneglycol dimethacrylate, bisphenol A ethoxylate dimethacrylate blend) and chemical-cure systems (CC; orthodontic denture resin) were used to synthesize AgNPs using(More)
Carbamide peroxide (CP) is an easily administered material for whitening teeth. Although toxicological research on CP alone has revealed no adverse health effects, possible oxidation and release of mercury from amalgams have not previously been investigated. This research evaluated the quantitative release of mercury from amalgams into solution by CP. CP(More)
OBJECTIVES This study compared two continuous-combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) formulations, 1 mg estradiol (E2)/0.25 mg norethisterone acetate (NETA) and 1 mg E2/0.5 mg NETA, with placebo, with regard to the efficacy for vasomotor symptom relief in menopausal women. METHODS A total of 119 women aged 45-61 years with moderate and severe hot(More)
Studies were carried out on male F344 rats to examine the influence of aging and life-prolonging food restriction on bone and circulating parathyroid hormone levels. In ad libitum fed animals, the weight, density and calcium content of the femur increased with age and achieved their peak levels by 12 months of age. These levels remained stable until about(More)
In mandibular molars, enamel dramatically increases in thickness at the buccal pit area and progresses occlusally due to an extensive concavity in the buccal dentinal core. In order to comply with the principles of operative dentistry, this anatomic variance dictates that, if the ultimate restoration is to be placed in dentin, the axial wall of a Class I(More)
PURPOSE The success of zirconia-reinforced all-ceramic crowns depends on the formation of a stable bond between the zirconia core and the veneering porcelain. The purpose of this study was to test the effects of liner application and airborne particle abrasion of a postsintered Y-TZP core on the bond strength between the zirconia core and veneering(More)