Barry K. Karch

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Digital color cameras using a single detector array with a Bayer color filter array (CFA) require interpolation or demosaicing to estimate missing color information and provide full-color images. However, demosaicing does not specifically address fundamental undersampling and aliasing inherent in typical camera designs. Fast non-uniform interpolation based(More)
Multi-frame super-resolution (SR) processing seeks to overcome undersampling issues that can lead to undesirable aliasing artifacts in imaging systems. A key factor in effective multi-frame SR is accurate subpixel inter-frame registration. Accurate registration is more difficult when frame-to-frame motion does not contain simple global translation and(More)
  • James T. Da1y, Andrew Bodkinh, +5 authors Barry Karch
  • 2003
Infrared (IR) sensing has been a key enabling tecimology in military systems providing advantages in night vision, surveillance, and ever more accurate targeting. Passive hyperspectral imaging, the ability to gather and process infrared spectral information from each pixel of an infrared image, can ultimately provide two-dimensional composition maps of a(More)
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