Barry K. Goodwin

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Catastrophic shocks to existing stocks of a renewable resource can cause long-run price shifts. With timber, these long-run price shifts may be accompanied by a short-run price drop due to salvage. Hurricane Hugo damaged 20% of southern pine timber in the South Carolina Coastal Plain in 1989. To estimate the shortand long-run effects of the hurricane on the(More)
The value-of-statistical-life (VSL) approach is used by environmental economists to value mortality changes resulting from environmental improvement, such as decreased urban air pollution. Because of scarce data, VSL estimates are not available for developing countries. Using robust regression techniques, we conduct a meta-analysis of VSL studies in(More)
The extent to which farm families engage in off-farm employment activities is a topic of central importance to understanding the financial well-being of farm households. The degree of financial stress experienced by U.S. farm families is always a concern to policy makers. Yet, policy considerations often ignore the substantial involvement of most farm(More)
This analysis utilizes farm-level data to evaluate the extent to which U.S. farm program benefits, particularly direct payments, bring about distortions in production. The issue is important in WTO negotiations and in the debate over the distortionary effects of decoupled (“green-box”) payments. Our results suggest that the distortions brought about by AMTA(More)
After a long and contentious Congressional debate, President Bush signed the new 2002 Farm Bill into law on May 13, 2002. The new farm legislation calls for increases in support exceeding $67 billion over the 1996 Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform (FAIR) Act baseline. Although the legislative debate that preceded the 2002 Farm Bill involved many(More)
This article presents a statistical model of agricultural yield data based on a set of hierarchical Bayesian models that allows joint modeling of temporal and spatial autocorrelation. This method captures a comprehensive range of the various uncertainties involved in predicting crop insurance premium rates as opposed to the more traditional ad hoc,(More)
We study price transmission processes within EU pork markets after the implementation of the EU single market in 1993. We compare results derived from nonparametric regressions with those obtained using alternative non-linear threshold models. Both techniques support the hypothesis that prices are transmitted across spatially separate EU pig markets and(More)