Barry Jessup

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The ham sandwic h,orStone-T ukeyTheorem, isa classical result thatappears inmany in tro ductory bookson algebraic top ology. Itrescues thecareless sandwic h makerby guaranteeing thatitisalw ayspossible toslice thesandwic h withonecutsothattheham and bothslices ofbreadareeac h divided in toequalhalv es,no matterhow haphazardly the ingredien tsarearranged.(More)
  • N Beckman, E Wohl, J Chaput, R C Aster, A Huerta, X Sun +32 others
  • 2015
CSU Faculty, students, and staff indicated in bold. Student authors are indicated with asterisks. Carbon storage in mountainous headwater streams: the role of old-growth forest and logjams. The role of mudstone baffles in controlling fluid pathways in a fluvial sandstone: a study in the Adakites in the Truong Son and Loei fold belts, Thailand and Laos:(More)
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