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This paper provides an overview of the Intelligent Bricks project in progress at IBM Research. It describes common problems faced by data center operators and proposes a comprehensive solution based on brick architectures. Bricks are hardware building blocks. Because of certain properties, defined here, scalable and reliable systems can be built with(More)
Accurate and fast estimation of VLSI interconnect thermal profiles has become critically important to estimate their impact on circuit/system performance and reliability, which is necessary for reducing product development time and achieving first-pass silicon success. Present commercial thermal analysis tools are incapable of simulating complex structures,(More)
The green (low power) chip design demands dramatic thermal and electrical simulation capabilities. In this paper, a novel thermal simulation approach for automatic thermal modeling ofvery large problems is introduced. This methodology can be fully integrated with existing solvers for electrical simulations, and make it possible to analyze practical on-chip(More)
In this paper, an electrical-thermal co-analysis method for power delivery networks in 3D system integration is proposed. For electrical analysis, temperature-dependent electrical resistivity of conductors is taken into account. For thermal analysis, Joule heating effect due to the current flowing through conductors is considered. The proposed co-analysis(More)
—To reduce the product development time and achieve first-pass silicon success, fast and accurate estimation of very-large-scale integration (VLSI) interconnect, packaging and 3DI (3D integrated circuits) thermal profiles has become important. Present commercial thermal analysis tools are incapable of handling very complex structures and have integration(More)