Barry J. Barnett

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Three index-based crop insurance contracts are evaluated for representative south Georgia corn farms. The insurance contracts considered are based on indexes of historical county yields, yields predicted from a cooling degree-day production model, and yields predicted from a crop-simulation model. For some of the representative farms, the predicted yield(More)
The highland forests of Madagascar are home to some of the world's most unique and diverse flora and fauna and to some of its poorest people. This juxtaposition of poverty and biodiversity is continually reinforced by rapid population growth, which results in increasing pressure on the remaining forest habitat in the highland region, and the biodiversity(More)
This research investigates the potential effects of the standing disaster assistance program proposed in the Senate version of the 2008 Farm Bill. Results suggest no significant impact on producer crop insurance purchase decisions. Payments under the program should be expected to differ considerably across geographic regions and levels of diversification,(More)
The health of travelers returning home from developing countries has received increased attention in recent years. Much of this attention has centered on immunizations, malaria chemoprophylaxis and treatment of traveler's diarrhea. In contrast, there are very few data on the health problems of international travelers to developed countries such as the(More)
The production of prompt electron-positron pairs in 16 GeV/c n-p collisions has been measured using the LASS spectrometer at SLAC. An _ excess of events is observed above the estimated contribution of direct and Dalitz decays of known resonances in the kinematic range defined by 0.1 5 x 5 0.45, 0 -< pT _ < 0.8 GeV/c and 0.2 5 M(e+e-) I 0.7 GeV/c2. The(More)
Pressure placed on employers to enhance the bottom line comes from a multitude of changes in the marketplace and has resulted in employers seeking to limit their liabilities and expenses for retiree medical care. To address retiree medical issues, employers have adapted a number of strategies that are presented in this article. These include eliminating or(More)