Barry J Ackerson

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Direct imaging of settling, non-Brownian, hard sphere, particles allows measurement of particle occupancy statistics as a function of time and sampling volume dimension. Initially random relative particle number fluctuations, <N2-<N>(2)>/<N> = 1, become suppressed, anisotropic, and <N> dependent. Fitting to a simple Gaussian pair correlation model suggests(More)
OBJECTIVE An observational safety study of the quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV4) in women was conducted. This report presents findings from autoimmune surveillance. Design.  Subjects were followed for 180days after each HPV4 dose for new diagnoses of 16 prespecified autoimmune conditions. SETTING Two managed care organizations in(More)
Between 2009 and 2011, states implemented significant budget cuts to community mental health agencies (CMHAs), which are frequently the sole provider of specialized behavioral health services in rural communities. Starting in 2010, federal policy changes created by health care reform and mental health parity are likely to increase the number of individuals(More)
The Brownian motion of molecules at thermal equilibrium usually has a finite correlation time and will eventually be randomized after a long delay time, so that their displacement follows the Gaussian statistics. This is true even when the molecules have experienced a complex environment with a finite correlation time. Here, we report that the lateral(More)
We report band formation and other pattern formation for a settling suspension of uniform non-Brownian particles in a completely filled horizontal rotating cylinder. The system shows a series of sharp pattern changes that are mapped out as a function of the rotation period and suspension viscosity. The experiment suggests that a large number of patterns and(More)
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