Barry H Blott

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The current applications of neural networks to in vivo medical imaging and signal processing are reviewed. As is evident from the literature neural networks have already been used for a wide variety of tasks within medicine. As this trend is expected to continue this review contains a description of recent studies to provide an appreciation of the problems(More)
In non-linear electrical impedance tomography the goodness of fit of the trial images is assessed by the well-established statistical chi2 criterion applied to the measured and predicted datasets. Further selection from the range of images that fit the data is effected by imposing an explicit constraint on the form of the image, such as the minimization of(More)
Non-linear electrical impedance tomography reconstruction algorithms usually employ the Newton-Raphson iteration scheme to image the conductivity distribution inside the body. For complex 3D problems, the application of this method is not feasible any more due to the large matrices involved and their high storage requirements. In this paper we demonstrate(More)
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