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BACKGROUND The New Zealand city of Rotorua sits on a geothermal field. However, little is known about the possible health impacts of the geothermal emissions. This was an ecological study that examined cancer incidence and morbidity data for Rotorua. METHODS Cancer registry and hospital discharge (morbidity) data were obtained for the decade 1981-1990.(More)
Osteoarthritis of the wrist is a complication of a number of common traumatic conditions. Arthrodesis of the radiocarpal joint, proximal row carpectomy and excision of the scaphoid, combined with midcarpal arthrodesis, have all been reported as surgical options. There have been no randomised studies comparing these procedures, and the feasibility of(More)
The practice of medicine and biomedical research has become information based, which enhances safety, efficiency, and the effectiveness of the health enterprise. Informational sources such as entire mapped genome systems, advance imaging techniques, health screening technologies and individualized medical plans require advanced analytical engines.(More)
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