Barry Gergel

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A new automatic compression scheme that adapts to any image set is presented in this thesis. The proposed scheme requires no a priori knowledge on the properties of the image set. This scheme is obtained using a unified graph-theoretical framework that allows for compression strategies to be compared both theoretically and experimentally. This strategy(More)
While the compression of individual images have been studied extensively, there have been fewer studies on the problem of compressing image sets. A number of schemes have been proposed to compress an image set by taking advantage of the inter-image redundancy between pairs of images. In this paper, we present a unified graph-theoretic framework that(More)
A number of minimum spanning tree algorithms have been proposed for lossy compression of image sets. In these algorithms, a complete graph is constructed from the entire image set and possibly an average image, and a minimum spanning tree is used to determine which difference images to encode. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical minimum spanning tree(More)
The automatic compression strategy proposed by Gergel et al. is a near-optimal lossy compression scheme for a given collection of images whose inter-image relationships are unknown. Their algorithm uses the root mean square error (RMSE) as a measure of the similarity between two images, in order to predict the compressibility of the difference image. Gergel(More)
This study seeks to design algorithms that may be used to determine if a given lattice is a good approximation to a given rigid protein structure. Ideal lattice models discovered using our techniques may then be used in algorithms for protein folding and inverse protein folding. In this study we develop methods based on dynamic programming and branch and(More)
Determining the topology of an algebraic surface is not only an interesting mathematical problem, but also a key issue in computer graphics and CAGD. An algorithm is proposed to determine the intrinsic topology of an implicit real algebraic surface f (x, y, z) = 0 in R 3 , where f (x, y, z) ∈ Q[x, y, z] and Q is the field of rational numbers. There exist(More)