Barry Gergel

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While the compression of individual images have been studied extensively, there have been fewer studies on the problem of compressing image sets. A number of schemes have been proposed to compress an image set by taking advantage of the inter-image redundancy between pairs of images. In this paper, we present a unified graph-theoretic framework that(More)
A number of minimum spanning tree algorithms have been proposed for lossy compression of image sets. In these algorithms, a complete graph is constructed from the entire image set and possibly an average image, and a minimum spanning tree is used to determine which difference images to encode. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical minimum spanning tree(More)
The automatic compression strategy proposed by Gergel et al. is a near-optimal lossy compression scheme for a given collection of images whose inter-image relationships are unknown. Their algorithm uses the root mean square error (RMSE) as a measure of the similarity between two images, in order to predict the compressibility of the difference image. Gergel(More)
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