Barry G. Haskell

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In this paper, we make a short foray through coding standards for still images and motion video. We first briefly discuss standards already in use, including: Group 3 and Group 4 for bilevel fax images; JPEG for still color images; and H.261, H.263, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 for motion video. We then cover newly emerging standards such as JBIG1 and JBIG2 for(More)
The challenge of multimedia processing is to seamlessly integrate text, sound, image, and video information into a single communications channel, and to do it in a way that provides high quality communications while preserving the ease-of-use and interactivity of conventional telephony. There are a number of technology drivers that are pushing the(More)
This paper discusses the compression of digital video signals at bit-ratesar-ound 1 Mbps for interactive playback applications. The coding algorithm is required not only to provide good-quality reconstruction of complex material but also to facilitate interactivity with the bit-stream at the decoder. The algorithm proposed in the paper is based on the(More)