Barry E. Schwarz

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The effects of age on basal, meal-stimulated, and human gastrin-17-stimulated gastric acid secretion rates and serum pepsinogen concentrations were evaluated in 41 healthy men and women. Older subjects (ages 44-71 years; mean, 57 years) had higher mean basal, meal-stimulated, and gastrin-17-stimulated acid secretory rates and basal serum pepsinogen I and II(More)
This study was undertaken as part of an investigation of the potential role of progesterone metabolism within fetal membranes in the initiation of human labor. The results of this study provide evidence that a progesterone binding substance is present in amnion and chorion laeve during the last few days of pregnancy. This substance binds progesterone,(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the change of quality of life after coronary revascularization. Out of 189 longterm survivors who underwent coronary revascularization between January 1979 and February 1980, 142 patients (134 men, 8 women) aged 36 to 71 agreed to cooperate in this study and to answer our questions. The questionnaire included 38(More)
In this study we sought to define the subcellular localization of phospholipase A2 in human fetal membranes. Others have postulated a role for decidual lysosomes in the initiation of human parturition. We hypothesized that if phospholipase A2 were localized within lysosomes of fetal membranes the accelerated expression of the activity of this enzyme could(More)
An optimal assay system for the measurement of GC activity in subcellular fractions of human placenta homogenates was developed. MN2+ was more effective than Mg2+ as a cofactor and, in addition, it markedly potentiated the Mg2+-dependent GC activity. The apparent optimal temperature for GC activity was 45 degrees C and the pH optimum was in the range of 7.5(More)