Barry E. Mullins

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This paper develops a novel communications protocol for autonomous swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) searching a 2-dimensional grid. The search protocol, the UAV Search Mission Protocol (USMP), combines inter-UAV communication with geographic routing to improve search efficiency in terms of total searches, distance traveled by UAVs, and the(More)
In this article, we provide a brief history of the Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX), describe Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT's) participation in it, and explain how the experience shaped the information-assurance curriculum and course format at AFIT. The CDX is an annual competition designed to give students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate(More)
Anonymization enables organizations to protect their data and systems from a diverse set of attacks and preserve privacy; however, in the area of anonymized network data, few, if any, are able to precisely quantify how anonymized their information is for any particular dataset. Indeed, recent research indicates that many anonymization techniques leak some(More)