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Mobile information technology can help first responders assist patients more quickly, reliably, and safely, while focusing resources on those most in need. Yet the disaster setting complicates reliable networked computing. The WIISARD client-server architecture provides mobile IT support for medical response in disasters. Cached remote objects (CROs) are(More)
Cytoscape is one of the most popular open-source software tools for the visual exploration of biomedical networks composed of protein, gene, and other types of interactions. It offers researchers a versatile and interactive visualization interface for exploring complex biological interconnections supported by diverse annotation and experimental data,(More)
One of the key challenges to successful systems-of- systems integration using Web services technologies is how to address crosscutting architectural concerns such as policy management, governance, and authentication, while still maintaining the lightweight implementation and deployment flavor that distinguishes Web services from earlier attempts at(More)
The Network-extracted Ontology (NeXO) is a gene ontology inferred directly from large-scale molecular networks. While most ontologies are constructed through manual expert curation, NeXO uses a principled computational approach which integrates evidence from hundreds of thousands of individual gene and protein interactions to construct a global hierarchy of(More)
In existing Incident Command systems, situational awareness is achieved manually through paper tracking systems. Such systems often produce high latencies and incomplete data, resulting in inefficient and ineffective resource deployment. The WIISARD system collects much more data than a paper-based system, dramatically reducing latency while increasing the(More)
Creators of software widely used in computational biology discuss the factors that contributed to their success T he year was 1989 and Stephen Altschul had a problem. Sam Karlin, the brilliant mathematician whose help he needed, was so convinced of the power of a mathematically tractable but biologically constrained measure of protein sequence similarity(More)
In this paper we present new data export modules for Cytoscape 3 that can generate network files for Cytoscape.js and D3.js. Cytoscape.js exporter is implemented as a core feature of Cytoscape 3, and D3.js exporter is available as a Cytoscape 3 app. These modules enable users to seamlessly export network and table data sets generated in Cytoscape to popular(More)
In this work we present CitiSense, a new kind RI ³FLWL]HQ LQIUDVWUXFWXUH´for the monitoring of pollution and environmental conditions that users are exposed to. By utilizing mobile phones and affordable, small sensors placed in the environment and carried by users, data about pollutants such as ozone and carbon monoxide is collected and used to provide(More)