Barry D. Gold

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I n the fall of 2002, the Ecological Society of America (ESA) established a committee to develop an action plan for bolstering the research capabilities and impact of the ecological sciences. After much work and with substantial input from many people within and beyond the Society, the committee delivered a report to the ESA Governing Board in April 2004.(More)
One aspect of producing secure operating systems involves the confinement of programs. This paper discusses the program confinement problem as addressed by the developers of a retrofitted version of the IBM VM/370 virtual machine monitor. This version of the system (called KVM/370) uses a security-kernel architecture to provide a provably secure multi-level(More)
W ithin the next 50 to 100 years, support and maintenance of an extended human family of 8 to 11 billion people will become difficult at best. Our consumption rates already exceed the supply of many resources crucial to human health, and few places on Earth do not bear the stamp of human impacts (1, 2). Fossil fuel combustion and fertilizer production have(More)
Executive Summary Environmental issues will define the 21st Century, as will a world with a large human population and ecosystems that are increasingly shaped by human intervention. The science of ecology can and should play a greatly expanded role in ensuring a future in which natural systems and the humans they include coexist on a more sustainable(More)
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