Barry Chapman

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OBJECTIVE To compare the diagnostic yield and cost-effectiveness of transtelephonic event monitors with those of Holter monitoring in patients with intermittent palpitations. DESIGN Randomized crossover trial. SETTING Diagnostic service of a teaching hospital and surrounding primary care practices. PATIENTS 43 patients with previously uninvestigated(More)
The Root ZX apex locator is an example of a generation of apex locators that identify the terminus of the canal by measuring a ratio between two electrical impedances. Studies have shown this device to have a high degree of accuracy. However, the manufacturer warns that the performance of these devices is limited by the presence of calcifications and(More)
A series of 349 survivors of perforated peptic ulcer was followed for periods of up to 23 years. Almost nine out of every 10 patients suffered from dyspepsia during follow-up. Subsequent elective gastroduodenal surgery was required in more than a quarter of the cases. The surgery rate for gastric ulcer was more than one and a half times that for(More)
Among 26 dogs greater than or equal to 10 years old, the most frequent owner complaints relating to behavioral problems were destructive behavior in the house (n = 10), inappropriate urination or defecation in the house (n = 10), and excessive vocalization (n = 7). The most frequent behavioral diagnoses were separation anxiety (n = 13) and breakdown of(More)
A new technique for measuring changes in the architecture of the small intestinal mucosa is described using a modification of the technique of television image analysis to measure the areas occupied by the surface and crypt epithelium in proximal jejunal biopsies. The ratios of these two areas to each other were then calculated. In 12 control mucosae, the(More)