Barry C. Arnold

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We begin with some simple questions. What is the distribution of the product of given powers of independent continuous uniform random variables? Is this distribution useful? Are there some test statistics with this distribution? Is this distribution somehow related to the distribution of the product of other random variables? Is this distribution already(More)
Improved myocardium-blood contrast by myocardial suppression resulting from T1 rho-weighting in contrast-enhanced, gradient-echo, bright-blood cine images, acquired at 1.5T, is shown. In the standard images, blood has twice the intensity of muscle. In similar T1 rho-weighted images, it has 3-4 times the intensity of muscle. A composite spin-lock pulse(More)
Dedication This article is written for Ingram Olkin on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Ingram has provided inspiration for me over the last 40 years and continues to inspire. I am indebted to him for his encouragement and support throughout my career. I am contributing this humbly in the sure knowledge that he could have written it better than I.(More)