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Technology transfer and public policy: a review of research and theory
Abstract My purpose is to review, synthesize and criticize the voluminous, multidisciplinary literature on technology transfer. To reduce the literature to manageable proportions, I focus chieflyExpand
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The Impact of Research Collaboration on Scientific Productivity
Based on the curricula vitae and survey responses of 443 academic scientists affiliated with university research centers in the USA, we examine the longstanding assumption that research collaborationExpand
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Handbook of Interview Research: Context and Method
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Scientists' collaboration strategies: implications for scientific and technical human capital
Abstract “Scientific and technical human capital” (ST to collaborate with women; and to have a favorable view about industry and research on industrial applications. Regarding the number of reportedExpand
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An Empirical Analysis of the Propensity of Academics to Engage in Informal University Technology Transfer
Formal university technology transfer mechanisms, through licensing agreements, research joint ventures, and university-based startups, have attracted considerable attention in the academicExpand
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Public‐Value Failure: When Efficient Markets May Not Do
The familiar market-failure model remains quite useful for issues of price efficiency and traditional utilitarianism, but it has many shortcomings as a standard for public-value aspects of publicExpand
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Toward a Useful Theory of Mentoring
In this review and critique of mentoring theory and research, the authors identify persistent problems in the development of mentoring theory. Their conceptual analysis highlights these problems withExpand
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Comparing Public and Private Organizations: Empirical Research and the Power of the A Priori
Research comparing public and private organizations and examining the publicness of organizations represents a substantial and growing body of empirical evidence, relevant to many internationalExpand
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Impacts of grants and contracts on academic researchers’ interactions with industry
Abstract Based on a representative national sample of 1564 academic researchers, we investigate the impacts of research grants and contracts on the nature and extent of faculty research andExpand
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Research collaboration in universities and academic entrepreneurship: the-state-of-the-art
There is abundant evidence that research collaboration has become the norm in every field of scientific and technical research. We provide a critical overview of the literature on researchExpand
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