Barry Bishop

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An explosion in the use of RDF for representing information about resources has driven the requirements for Webscale server systems that can store and process huge quantities of data, and furthermore provide powerful data access and mining functionalities. This paper describes OWLIM, a family of semantic repositories that provide storage, inference and(More)
Ontologies, fundamental to the realization of the Semantic Web, provide a formal and precise conceptualization of a specific domain that can be used to describe resources on the Web. Reasoning over such resource descriptions is essential in order to facilitate automated processing using formal descriptions that are machine interpretable. In this context,(More)
The advent of Linked Open Data has seen a large number of structured datasets from various domains made available to the public. These datasets are seen as a key enabler for the Semantic Web, where applications can consume and combine this data in powerful and meaningful ways. However, the uptake of Linked Data during this ‘introductory phase’ is hampered(More)
Semantic repositories – RDF databases with inferencer and query answering engine – are set to become a cornerstone of the Semantic Web (and Linked Open Data) due to their ability to store and reason with the massive quantities of data involved. In this paper, we describe the features of BigOWLIM that have allowed it to penetrate into the commercial sector,(More)
for dissemination) The main assumption taken in LarKC is that a distributed Semantic Web reasoning infrastructure has to go beyond current reasoning paradigms that are strictly based on logic in order to scale to the size of the current and future Web. In LarKC this paradigm shift will be obtained by fusing reasoning (in the sense of logic) with search (in(More)
Activity N: Activity 2 Core Research and Development Work Package: WP3 Service Annotation and Reasoning Due Date: M12 Submission Date: 10/09/2009 Start Date of Project: 01/03/2008 Duration of Project: 36 Months Organisation Responsible of Deliverable: UIBK Revision: 1.0 Author(s): Barry Bishop Florian Fischer Pascal Hitzler Markus Krötzsch Sebastian Rudolph(More)