Barry B. Perlman

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Proceeding from the clinical observation that intravascular polyethylene catheters easily become infected in man, the introduction of a polyethylene catheter into the right side of the heart has recently been shown to induce the formation of sterile endocarditis in rabbits.`' It was further noted that inoculation of as few as 102 staphylococci through the(More)
This study was undertaken to address the issue of data reporting in the psychiatric sector of New York City Medicaid, the largest publicly financed psychiatric health care delivery system in the nation. Six outpatient psychiatric clinics in general hospitals, four with residency programs, and all 29 free standing psychiatric clinics in New York City were(More)
INTRODUCTION Techniques have been described which allow the regular production of sterile or bacterial endocarditis on either side of the heart."' The method involves passing a sterile polyethylene catheter from the peripheral vascular system into either the left or right side of the heart. The lesions involved the tricuspid and aortic valves predominantly.(More)
The authors investigated the credentials of foreign medical graduate (FMG) and U.S. medical graduate (USMG) psychiatrists providing a substantial amount of Medicaid care and compared them with those of a group of other psychiatric practitioners in New York City. USMGs were more likely to be Board certified, but FMGs were as likely to have APA membership,(More)
The rigorous electromagnetic modeling of cosite interefence between neighboring vehicular transceivers is pursued in this paper. In particular, Maxwell’s equations are solved in the time domain for the full wave modeling of wave propagation, along with state equations, descriptive of the operation of front-end transceiver electronics. Hence, a combined(More)
A clear and accurate understanding of communication network performance is essential, especially where all layers of the protocol stack – from physical propagation to application transport protocols – must be accounted for. While some solutions exist for RF communications over ‘open-terrain’ areas, the urban environment is particularly challenging. To meet(More)