Barry A. Tanner

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Despite the wide-spread use of Subjective Units of Discomfort Scales, or SUDS, to measure anxiety to specific stimuli, little information has been published on the validity of such scales and even less on their use as global measures of emotional and physical discomfort. Data was examined for 182 consecutive admissions to a psychology clinic to determine(More)
To determine which of three published models best characterizes the factor structure of the Portuguese version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales-21 and to assess its validity and reliability. Confirmatory factor analysis of Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale-21 for 1,297 adult, primary care outpatients (66.7% female, Mage = 48.57 years) comparing 3(More)
Twenty-four undergraduates were assigned to two groups to determine if the T3 computerized finger-tapping task could discriminate between persons motivated to perform optimally and those motivated to perform sub-optimally. Group HI was instructed to simulate a head-injured person undergoing an insurance evaluation, whereas group J was instructed to simulate(More)
  • B A Tanner
  • 1991
A compiled program for MS-DOS computers is described. The program computes four useful measures for the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale--Revised (WAIS-R). It will estimate the subject's premorbid Verbal, Performance, and Full-Scale IQs from demographic data. It will prorate the sum of the Verbal or Performance scaled scores when less than the full number(More)
MMPI files of 1,016 prior patients were searched for protocols with two-point codes that involved scale 5. Sixty-one such protocols were found; these accounted for 6% of the sample. Salient characteristics of the cases were noted, and composite descriptions were developed for each of the code types. An additional 22 cases were located over the next 2 years(More)