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The primary research interest of this group is in the real-time acquisition and processing of visual information for display to the visual and nonvisual senses, and in the psychology of human utilization of such information, for both communication and control. The motivation is an interest in human capabilities for information processing and in human(More)
Humans are remarkably versatile with regard to the recognition of hand-or machine-printed letters. More than 100 fonts (styles of type) are in common use throughout the United States, and even letters in new or unusual fonts can be recognized with very little effort (see Fig. IX-1). When hand-printed (script) letters are also considered, we realize that(More)
Our current emphasis on text-to-speech conversion for unrestricted text and for audio announcement systems centers on improvements to the quality of phonemic synthesis and on the development of prosodic algorithms for the control of pitch and timing. In the area of phonemic synthesis, an improved algorithm is being implemented that not only provides for(More)
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