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Transfer of spatial search between environments in human adults and young children (Homo sapiens): implications for representation of local geometry by spatial systems.
Whether animals represent environmental geometry in a global and/or local way has been the subject of recent debate. We applied a transfer of search paradigm between rectangular- and kite-shapedExpand
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Young infants' perception of the trajectories of two- and three-dimensional objects.
We investigated oculomotor anticipations in 4-month-old infants as they viewed center-occluded object trajectories. In two experiments, we examined performance in two-dimensional (2D) andExpand
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EEG Monitoring Device
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We report the pH-kobs profiles for the hydrolyses of phosphodichloridate and thiophosphodichloridate ions in aqueous solutions. Both species show broad pH-kobs plateaus that extend to high pHs. AsExpand