Barrie Hayes-Gill

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The analysis of heart rate variability, involving changes in the autonomic modulation conditions, demands specific capabilities not provided by either parametric or non-parametric spectral estimation methods. Moreover, these methods produce time-averaged power estimates over the entire length of the record. Recently, empirical mode decomposition and the(More)
Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), suitable for the analysis of nonstationary time series, has confirmed the existence of persistent long-range correlations in healthy heart rate variability data. In this paper, we present the incorporation of the alphabeta filter to DFA to determine patterns in the power-law behavior that can be found in these(More)
In this paper we show how we have used and adapted GT3 to support scalable and flexible remote medical monitoring applications on the Grid. We use two lightweight monitoring devices (a java phone and a wearable computer), which monitor blood glucose levels and ECG/SpO2 activity. We have connected those devices to the Grid by means of proxies, allowing those(More)
Monitoring life-processes in a frozen lake in the Antarctic raises many practical challenges. To supplement manual monitoring we have designed, built and successfully deployed a remote monitoring device on one of the lakes of interest. This returns data to the Antarctic base over the Iridium satellite phone network. This provides us with a new and uniquely(More)
Clinical diagnosis of pathological conditions is accomplished regularly via the recording and subsequent analysis of a physiological variable from a subject. Problems with current common practice centre around the obtrusive and rigid nature of this process. These include the length, timing and location of the diagnostic recording session, transfer of data(More)
BACKGROUND Although international newborn resuscitation guidance has been in force for some time, there are no UK data on current newborn resuscitation practices. OBJECTIVE Establish delivery room (DR) resuscitation practices in the UK, and identify any differences between neonatal intensive care units (NICU), and other local neonatal services. METHODS(More)
We present a simple and practical approach for segmenting un-occluded items in a scene by actively casting shadows. By 'items', we refer to objects (or part of objects) enclosed by depth edges. Our approach utilizes the fact that under varying illumination, un-occluded items will cast shadows on occluded items or background, but will not be shadowed(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel hardware approach to image segmentation, specifically in the case of overlapping particles. Our research is based on multi-flash imaging (MFI), originally developed to detect depth discontinuities. Multiple images captured with different illumination conditions provide additional information about a scene compared to(More)