Barrie D. Robison

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OBJECTIVE Youths with conduct disorder extract an inordinate amount of time and money from the U.S. judicial system and taxpayers, yet studies pertaining to this population have been few. This study was undertaken to examine the co-occurrence of personality disorders and conduct disorder in a group of incarcerated children and adolescents and to raise the(More)
The study was designed to test the hypothesis that male aging is associated with a change in reproductive function in the zebrafish. Young (290 ± 37 d) and older (911 ± 48 d) males were combined with females (604 ± 24 d) to test the effect of male age on the number and fertility of eggs laid by their mates. 48% of breeding trials with young males and 25% of(More)
Domesticated animal populations often show profound reductions in predator avoidance and fear-related behavior compared to wild populations. These reductions are remarkably consistent and have been observed in a diverse array of taxa including fish, birds, and mammals. Experiments conducted in common environments indicate that these behavioral differences(More)
Teleost fish regenerate their retinas after damage, in contrast to mammals. In zebrafish subjected to an extensive ouabain-induced lesion that destroys all neurons and spares Müller glia, functional recovery and restoration of normal optic nerve head (ONH) diameter take place at 100 days postinjury. Subsequently, regenerated retinas overproduce cells in the(More)
Behavioral management of risk, in which organisms must balance the requirements of obtaining food resources with the risk of predation, has been of considerable interest to ethologists for many years. Although numerous experiments have shown that animals alter their foraging behavior depending on the levels of perceived risk and demand for nutrients, few(More)
The zebrafish retina regenerates in response to acute retinal lesions, replacing damaged neurons with new neurons. In this study we test the hypothesis that chronic stress to inner retinal neurons also triggers a retinal regeneration response in the bugeye zebrafish. Mutations in the lrp2 gene in zebrafish are associated with a progressive eye phenotype(More)
In studies of consistent individual differences (personality) along the bold-shy continuum, a pattern of behavioral correlations frequently emerges: individuals towards the bold end of the continuum are more likely to utilize risky habitat, approach potential predators, and feed under risky conditions. Here, we address the hypothesis that observed(More)
We tested whether boldness is associated with attenuation of the physiological stress response in behaviorally selected lines of zebrafish Danio rerio. We measured three component behaviors of boldness: cortisol levels under control and stressed conditions, growth rate, and expression of key genes linked to the hypothalamic-pituitary-interrenal axis in the(More)
The potential benefits of selenium (Se) supplementation are currently under investigation for prevention of certain cancers and treatment of neurological disorders. However, little is known concerning the response of the brain to increased dietary Se under conditions of Se sufficiency, despite the majority of Se supplementation trials occurring in healthy,(More)
Conditions during fetal development influence health and disease in adulthood, especially during critical windows of organogenesis. Fetal exposure to the endocrine disrupting chemical, bisphenol A (BPA) affects the development of multiple organ systems in rodents and monkeys. However, effects of BPA exposure on cardiac development have not been assessed.(More)