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Cerebral atrophy was measured by comparing brain volume and cranial capacity at necropsy on 20 severely demented patients aged 64--92 years and 18 non-demented controls of similar age. The volumes of cerebral cortex and white matter and of the lobes of the cerebral hemispheres were found by point-counting morphometry. Patients with Alzheimer type dementia(More)
Brains from 70 unselected general hospital necropsy cases aged 60-95 years were surveyed histologically for changes of Alzheimer's disease using Congo Red-Gallocyanin preparations. Counts were made of neurofibrillary tangles in two areas of the neocortex, the hippocampal formation and the substantia innominata. Neurons were counted in the subiculum of the(More)
A quantitative neuropathological necropsy study of the human cerebral cortex showed that the number of cortical neurones in the superior frontal cortex in chronic alcoholic patients is significantly reduced compared with that in controls matched for age and sex. The number of neurones in the motor cortex did not differ significantly between the controls and(More)
The effect of advanced old age on the nerve cell content of the cerebral cortex was examined in 19 non-demented persons aged 69-95 years, using a Quantimet 720 image analysing computer to make area proportion measurements. Neurone loss around 1.0% per annum was found both in the neocortex and in the medial hippocampus. There was also significant shrinkage(More)
The cell content of the cerebral cortex in senile dementia of Alzheimer type has been examined using a stereological method which combines gross cortical measurements and microscopical observations to give volumetric data on cells and neuropil. In the neocortex only the large (greater than 12 micron diameter) neuron fraction was found to be abnormal; the(More)
Necropsy measurements of cerebral ventricular volume and pericerebral space in senile dementia patients and age-matched controls indicate that ventricular enlargement is not an accurate diagnostic marker for cerebral atrophy. Furthermore, ventricles are of normal size for age in about 40% of all senile dementia patients including those with Alzheimer's(More)
A 16 mm length of cervical spinal cord of young adult female rats was irradiated with 4000 rad of 250 kV X rays. Counts of astrocyte and oligodendrocyte nuclei were made in the dorsal columns of both irradiated and control cervical cords during the latent period before the onset of radionecrosis. The numbers of both astrocyte and oligodendrocyte nuclei were(More)
The cervical spinal cords of young adult female rats were irradiated with various single and fractionated doses of 250 kV x rays. No relationship was evident between the dose and the latent period for myelopathy after irradiation of the rats' cervical cords, i.e., there was considerable variation in the mean latent periods between different groups of(More)