Barrett E. Losco

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This study examined the reliability/validity of power output measured using the Fortius Virtual Reality cycle trainer. 10 cyclists (age: 28±6 years; V˙O (2)max: 60.9±7.2 ml · kg (-1) · min (-1); peak power: 393±82 W) completed three 20 km time trials on a Fortius cycle trainer. During each time trial, power output was measured at 1 Hz using the Fortius(More)
STUDY DESIGN Blinded parallel-group randomized controlled trial. OBJECTIVE Establish the frequency and severity of adverse effects from short-term usual chiropractic treatment of the spine when compared with a sham treatment group. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previous studies have demonstrated that adverse events occur during chiropractic treatment.(More)
This commissioned review paper offers a summary of our current understanding of nonmalignant spinal pain, particularly persistent pain. Spinal pain can be a complex problem, requiring management that addresses both the physical and psychosocial components of the pain experience. We propose a model of care that includes the necessary components of care(More)
STUDY DESIGN Parallel-group randomized controlled trial. OBJECTIVE Establish the short-term effectiveness of chiropractic therapy for spinal pain compared with a sham intervention and explore the predictors of chiropractic treatment satisfaction. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Chiropractic treatment is widely used for spinal pain. However, a lack of sound(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated that adverse events occur during chiropractic treatment. However, because of these studies design we do not know the frequency and extent of these events when compared to sham treatment. The principal aims of this study are to establish the frequency and severity of adverse effects from short term usual(More)
PURPOSE To compare the effect of two learning opportunities, clinician feedback and video self-assessment, on 5th-year chiropractic students' patient communication skills, specifically those required for history taking. METHODS A cohort of 51 final-year students was divided into two groups. The first group received immediate feedback from a clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to (1) generate a valid questionnaire to determine immunology knowledge, (2) compare immunology knowledge across 3 different cohorts of chiropractic students that had already studied immunology, (3) examine the attitudes of chiropractic students to the study of immunology, and (4) examine whether students' attitudes(More)
Manual therapy is suggested as a potentially therapeutic intervention that may improve pulmonary function. However, this form of therapy is largely based on clinical observations and hypothetical models rather than mechanistic knowledge. This study examined the influence of a single session of manual therapy applied to the thoracic spine and thorax on(More)
BACKGROUND Trivial pain or minor soreness commonly follows neck manipulation and has been estimated at one in three treatments. In addition, rare catastrophic events can occur. Some of these incidents have been ascribed to poor technique where the neck is rotated too far. The aims of this study were to design an instrument to measure competency of neck(More)
It has been demonstrated that a positive correlation exists between clinical knowledge and retained concepts in basic sciences. Studies have demonstrated a modest attrition of anatomy knowledge over time, which may be influenced by students' perceived importance of the basic sciences and the learning styles adopted. The aims of this study were to: (1)(More)