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Salicylate (aspirin) can reversibly eliminate outer hair cell (OHC) electromotility to induce hearing loss. Prestin is the OHC electromotility motor protein. Here we report that, consistence with increase in distortion product otoacoustic emission, long-term administration of salicylate can increase prestin expression and OHC electromotility. The prestin(More)
[1] Dust devils are significant meteorological phenomena on Mars: They are ubiquitous, continually gardening the Martian surface, and may be the primary atmospheric dust-loading mechanism in nonstorm seasons. Further, dust grains in the swirling dust devils may become electrically charged via triboelectric effects. Electrical effects associated with(More)
We report on a search for gravitational waves from binary black hole inspirals in the data from the second science run of the LIGO interferometers. The search focused on binary systems with component masses between 3 and 20M. Optimally oriented binaries with distances up to 1 Mpc could be detected with efficiency of at least 90%. We found no events that(More)
A search for periodic gravitational waves, from sources such as isolated rapidly spinning neutron stars, was carried out using 510 h of data from the fourth LIGO science run (S4). The search was for quasimonochromatic waves in the frequency range from 50 to 1500 Hz, with a linear frequency drift _ f (measured at the solar system barycenter) in the range Àf=(More)
Fatty acids were determined in erthrocytes in 49 patients with colorectal cancer and compared with age and sex-matched controls. Marginally increased levels of stearic acid (P = 0.057) and oleic acid (P = 0.064) and decreased arachidonic acid (P = 0.043) occurred in cancer patients. There was no difference in the stearic to oleic acid ratio between the two(More)
The University of Florida has a well documented history of developing mission capable Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). UF has established a successful philosophy that focuses on aircraft reliability and durability. This process incorporates four criteria that apply to both the design of the airframe and selection of components: durability and reliability,(More)
We present upper limits on the gravitational wave emission from 78 radio pulsars based on data from the third and fourth science runs of the LIGO and GEO 600 gravitational wave detectors. The data from both runs have been combined coherently to maximise sensitivity. For the first time pulsars within binary (or multiple) systems have been included in the(More)