Barney Barrass

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tected with a drying tube. A solution of phosgene (55 ml, 12.5% in benzene) was then added with vigorous stirring. The reaction was cooled for an additional 10 min and was then kept at room temperature for 1 hr. The reaction mixture was cooled again, treated with 100-ml portions of 1 N HCl until free of amine, and then rinsed successively with 8% NaHCOs and(More)
1. The acetates of several long chain (3 to 12 methylene groups) analogues of choline have been prepared and their pharmacological properties studied.2. None of the compounds had a high level of activity at the post-ganglionic parasympathetic acetylcholine receptors. The lower members of the series showed weak agonist activity and the homologues with 8 to(More)
1. Several amino-acid esters and amides have been prepared and their toxicological and pharmacological properties have been investigated. Some of the quaternary esters and amides were lethal to mice at doses below 1 mg/kg; this lethality was usually associated with high nicotinic activity. None of the compounds showed high muscarinic activity.2. The cause(More)
We have examined the relationship between serum insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and prostate-specific antigen in 367 healthy men without evidence of prostate cancer and found a positive association (P = 0.05). In men without prostate cancer, serum prostate-specific antigen is closely related to prostate size, and our findings, therefore, suggest that(More)