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Here, we present the results of the resistive response of tungsten trioxide nanowire (mat-like, nanowire networks) and nanoparticle thin films subjected to N 2 O gas in the temperature range of 373–773 K. The nanowire mats exhibited an order of magnitude higher response in the resistivity change compared to that of nanoparticle films at temperatures above(More)
In this communication we report the design and synthesis, as well as supramolecular assembly behaviour of a 2, 4, 5-triaryl imidazole derivative (compound 1) at air-water interface and in thin films using Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) technique. The main idea for such chemical structure is that the long alkyl chain and N-H of imidazole core may help to form(More)
Functionalizing nanoparticle surfaces is essential for achieving homogeneous dispersions of monodisperse particles in polymer nanocomposites for successful utilization in engineering applications. Functionalization reduces the surface energy of the nanoparticles, thereby limiting the tendency to agglomerate. Moreover, reactive groups on the surface can also(More)
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