Barnali Chakrabarty

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The effect of zinc deficiency on the function of the intestine to absorb water and electrolytes was studied in animal models, stimulated by Vibrio cholerae enterotoxin. Sprague-Dawley rats, used in the study, were divided into four groups: Zinc-deficient, ad libitum zinc-fed control, zinc weight-matched control, and zinc-deficient acutely-repleted.(More)
We are going to represent an electrical switch that can change its behaviour through wireless. Realization of switch for saving electricity, we are interested to deal with such an implementation that can switch ON or OFF the electrical components on the basis of the status of the user. If the blood pressure goes below of a certain limit (fined by the(More)
Nano-CaF2, prepared by the co-precipitation method, was annealed under different annealing conditions to improve its thermoluminescence (TL) characteristics. Different annealing parameters, such as temperature (400-700°C), duration (1-4 h) and environment (vacuum and air), were explored. The effect on TL sensitivity, peak position (Tm) and full-width at(More)
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