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RATIONALE The Environmental Exposure Unit (EEU), a controlled allergen exposure model of allergic rhinitis (AR), has traditionally utilized ragweed pollen. We sought to clinically validate the use of grass pollen in the EEU. METHODS Healthy volunteers with a history of AR symptoms during grass pollen season and supportive skin test responses attended the(More)
BACKGROUND Oral antihistamines that target the histamine receptor-1, such as fexofenadine, offer suboptimal relief of allergic rhinitis-associated nasal congestion. Combinations with oral sympathomimetics, such as pseudoephedrine, relieve congestion but produce side effects. Previous animal and human studies with histamine receptor-3 antagonists, such as(More)
BACKGROUND The Environmental Exposure Unit (EEU) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada is a controlled allergen challenge facility (CACF) that has been previously clinically validated for the use of ragweed and grass pollen in clinical studies. In this study we aim to validate the use of birch pollen to challenge allergic participants. METHODS A total of 59(More)
Retraction Note: Meeting Abstract: A post-hoc qualitative analysis of real time heads-up pollen counting versus traditional microscopy counting in the environmental exposure unit (EEU) Retraction This meeting abstract [1], published in the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and Aller-Gen Abstracts 2014 supplement, has been retracted from(More)
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