Barnabas N. Gatsheni

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This paper presents a new method for devising linear colour-dependent filters based on decomposition of an image into components parallel and perpendicular to a chosen direction in colour space. The components may be separately filtered with linear filters and added to produce an overall result. The paper demonstrates this approach with a colour-selective(More)
In previous work the authors have presented initial results from a new method of linear vector filtering applied to colour images. The method depends on resolution of colour pixel vectors into directions parallel and perpendicular to a chosen colour, followed by application of separate filters to the resolved image components in order to filter the chosen(More)
In previous work the authors have studied the problem of color-dependent linear vector image filtering, particularly based on resolution of pixel vectors into color-space directions parallel to and perpendicular to the color-space direction of a chosen color of interest (COI). A significant problem with this approach has been the lack of directional(More)
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