Barnabas Mafala Mandong

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One hundred and forty-four cases of histologically confirmed colorectal cancer in patients managed at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) over a 10 year period from January, 1989 to January, 1999 is discussed with special consideration to incidence, distribution and unfavourable prognosis. Altogether, 144 patients were treated for colorectal(More)
We investigated the seroprevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection among 258 clergymen-in-training (age range 18-39 years) who represented a donor population that fulfilled the criteria for safe blood transfusion. In all, 15.1% of the men were positive for HBsAg, 4.3% were positive for(More)
OBJECTIVE To review malignant colorectal tumour arising in patients 30 years and below. DESIGN Retrospective cross sectional descriptive study. SETTING Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria. SUBJECTS A total of 35 patients 30 years and below. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Occurrence of malignant colorectal tumours tends to be higher among men and(More)
BACKGROUND To document the pattern of primary head and neck cancers in Jos, Nigeria. STUDY DESIGN A record-based study of head and neck cancers histologically diagnosed at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), Jos, between January 1987 and December 2002. RESULTS A total of 710 cases (over 44 cases per year) were diagnosed, with a rising trend.(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common abdominal malignancy, representing 80-90% of primary liver malignancies around the world. There is a disturbing trend of increased incidence of HCC around the world. We therefore, determined the trend of HCC in Jos. METHODS A ten-year retrospective review was done of all cases of HCC which(More)
BACKGROUND Soft tissue sarcomas are a complex heterogeneous group of tumours that often cause a diagnostic problem. Special stains are often employed for further differentiation of these tumours. As a group, soft tissue sarcomas are not uncommon as previously believed. OBJECTIVE To undertake a ten year retrospective study of soft tissue sarcomas in a(More)
BACKGROUND Salivary gland tumours are common head and neck tumours and more common in western world than Africans. Most salivary gland tumours are benign but the morbidity and mortality as expected is higher with malignant tumours. This study is aimed at describing the histological pattern, age, sex and site distribution of malignant salivary gland tumours(More)
Rhinosporidiosis is a rare chronic granulomatous infection caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi. It affects mainly the mucosa of the nose, nasopharynx, palate, conjunctiva and the urethra. A seven-year-old girl presented with intranasal polypoid growth with recurrent nose bleeding for one year. Excision biopsy was done, and the tissue was subjected to routine(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have suggested that breast cancer in black women is associated with aggressive features and poor survival. This study examines molecular markers along with clinical stage and pathological grade in breast cancer material from Jos, Nigeria. STUDY DESIGN The histological diagnoses of 178 consecutive Nigerian patients with breast(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the pattern and the causes of deaths reported to the coroner for medicolegal autopsies in North Central Nigeria. DESIGN A descriptive retrospective study. SETTING Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria between January 1996 to December 2003. SUBJECTS Autopsies reports of 279 subjects whose causes of death were subjects of(More)