Barnabás Aszódi

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This paper presents a fast approximation method to obtain the point hit by a reflection or refraction ray. The calculation is based on the distance values stored in environment map texels. This approximation is used to localize environment mapped reflections and refractions, that is, to make them depend on where they occur. On the other hand, placing the(More)
This paper presents a physically plausible soft-shadow algorithm that can be executed real-time by current GPUs. The method works with a single shadow map, requires no pre-or post-processing, and can also handle self shadowing. The main novelty of the method is in the interpretation of the shadow map. A lexel with depth information is considered as the(More)
The shape of a NURBS curve or patch is defined by the location of its control points, the weights associated with these points, and the parameter intervals, also called the knot vector. Most of the curve and patch design methods assume that the knot vector is constant and the user is allowed to modify only the control points and the weights. The possibility(More)
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